Pawn shops in Pretoria now have a new home

Looking for pawn shops in Pretoria central, a 24 hour pawn shop or just love browsing pawn shops in Pretoria East, well you are in the right place.
At 24/7 Gauteng Pawn,  we buy and sell almost anything under the Gauteng sun.
Pawn shops in PretoriaWhether you are on the hunt for pawn shops in Pretoria East or pawn shops in Gauteng, we buy, sell and pawn a variety of items, from private vehicles, gold, boats, electrical appliances, even caravans to name but a few.

What are Pawn Shops in Pretoria good for?

24/7 Gauteng Pawn is the place to go when you need a short term loan against your goods. When it comes to pawning your goods, you need someone who can be trusted to keep to their end of the bargain.
You also don’t need big complicated procedures just to be able to access your cash loan, as you often need a loan fast.

Our service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week and we offer immediate cash to anyone interested in taking out a loan against their goods.

24 hour pawn shop? What is pawning exactly?

While you might have become a fan of a television series with the word Pawn in it, you may be surprised to know that what you see on television, is not really what happens at pawnshops during the larger part of the day.

The main business of any pawnshop, whether they are pawn shops in Pretoria or a 24 hour pawn shop on the other side of the world, is pawning.
Pawning, also known as hocking, is the practice of selling your stuff to get cash fast and the main purpose of pawning of goods is to act as a safety net for short term loans.
Here’s how it worked in the standard pawn shop back in the day: You bring in any items of value to a pawn shop, whether its pawn shops in Pretoria, pawn shops in Pretoria East, or pawn shops in Gauteng. A pawnbroker will make you an offer on the item which kicks off negotiations.

Once a price is agreed, you receive the cash and sign a contract that allows you a certain period to pay back the money, and if you don’t, you lose ownership rights to that item. The pawnbroker can sell your item if you don’t stick to the agreed upon period to repay the loan.
Pawnbrokers offer a valuable service to cash-strapped consumers in need of a quick short term loan and 24/7 Gauteng Pawn is alternative to pawn shops in Pretoria, pawn shops in Pretoria East or other Gauteng pawn shops.
Heading to a pawn broker might be one of the best moves to make if you are looking at securing a fast cash loan.

Pawn shops in PretoriaPawnbroking has been with humanity for about 15 hundred years and earliest accounts point to China as being the place where pawnbrokers were active since the 5 century, according to Wikipedia.

Usually pawnbrokers use possessions as collateral and don’t ask for credit references although some might.
There are usually a variety of reasons why someone might seek out a pawn shop in Pretoria, or pawn shops in Pretoria East, or even a pawn shop in Gauteng.
With the recent economic downturn still having a significant impact on people finances, its getting harder and harder to get by.
When it comes to credit records, large retail companies are also doing their best at getting clientele to pay their outstanding bills and often taking legal action against over-indebted consumers.

Many South Africans who’ve spent themselves into a corner, now are forced to re-think their spending habits and consider debt counselling or debt review.
Pawn shops in Pretoria like 24/7 Gauteng Pawn offer an alternative route to a cash shortage that unexpectedly crops up in our lives.

What can I pawn, and how should I decide?

You might have seen shows on television where people find possessions in their homes that are worth quite a lot, but are seldom used or appreciated.
Look around your home or yard. You may not yet have come to the realization but there is a great deal of funds lying around or gathering dust.
People are realising that they don’t need to hold on to things just because they have them.

There’s a new movement to de-clutter our lives and many individuals are now asking whether the things that haven’t been used, and that clutter up their homes, do add any real value to their day to day living.
So what do you take with you to the pawn shop in Pretoria, or if you live elsewhere, that pawn shop in Gauteng?

Firstly, you need ascertain what is currently not being used, or what you feel is superfluous in your life, it can be a second fridge, or second car, or that antique you got from your gran but never really grew to love as you thought you might. A good plan is to make a day of it, and walk through your home and garden, or business, and see what needs to go.
Set everything aside, and start inspecting every item. Is it in good condition, does it still work?
Pawn shops in Pretoria EastYou also need to make sure you are able to part with it and that you don’t have too much sentimental value attached to it.

When looking at the condition, and wondering if a pawnbroker or pawn shop in Pretoria will pawn this from you, just think how you would feel if you’re walked past this item in any other shop. Would you buy it? How much would you be willing to pay for it?
You might have a lawnmower you used twice, and now sits in a storeroom because you moved to a new place. You don’t have any use for it, and you can do with a short term loan.

Why not clean up the lawnmower and take it to a 24 hour pawn shop to see what you can get for it.
It will mean your house is de-cluttered and your wallet is fattened up.
Want to find out more about 24/7 Gauteng Pawn, you can contact us.  If you are looking for a pawnbroker you are also in the right place.

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